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5 Rules For Arranging A Bedroom

Melissa Thiessen-Navarro

Melissa Thiessen-Navarro learned real estate from the finest examples, and the best teachers - her parents and top-producing real estate team, the Thi...

Melissa Thiessen-Navarro learned real estate from the finest examples, and the best teachers - her parents and top-producing real estate team, the Thi...

Apr 10 4 minutes read

The bedroom stands as a sanctuary within our homes—a place for rest and relaxation. Elevating this space to its fullest potential requires thoughtful arrangement, even amidst its unique challenges. Whether your bedroom boasts generous proportions or cozy confines, whether it resides in a sprawling house or a snug apartment, here are five cardinal rules to heed when arranging your bedroom:

Rule 1: Avoid Corner Confines for Your Bed

Chief among bedroom layout principles is the decree: never tuck your bed into a corner. Tamara Honey, esteemed interior designer and founder of House of Honey, highlights the pitfalls of such placement, citing restricted accessibility and missed storage opportunities. However, in rooms where space is at a premium, innovative solutions abound. Consider underbed storage and a bespoke headboard doubling as a ledge, adorned with bespoke accents to infuse character and functionality into the space.

Rule 2: Ensure the Bed is a Focal Point

Upon entering the room, the bed should command attention, captivating with its design and allure. Interior designer Kate Dawson recommends positioning the bed to face the room's entrance, offering a tantalizing glimpse of the overall design. This strategic placement not only invites but entices, showcasing statement pieces like headboards, art, or wallpaper.

Rule 3: Scale Your Bed to Fit the Room

Take care when electing the right size bed for your space. Honey advises opting for the largest bed the room can accommodate, mindful of maintaining minimum clearances of 30 inches at the sides and 36 inches at the foot. Before making a purchase, it's essential to measure meticulously to ensure a harmonious fit.

Rule 4: Embrace Symmetry with Matching Nightstands

While bedroom sets may be waning in popularity, cohesion remains paramount, especially when it comes to nightstands. Honey emphasizes the importance of symmetry, suggesting a matching pair to instill balance and visual harmony. Yet, versatility reigns supreme. Tamarra Younis of Union of Art Interiors suggests eschewing traditional nightstands in favor of unconventional alternatives like accent tables, vintage trunks, or statement chairs with trays.

Rule 5: Dressers, an Optional Addition

Contrary to conventional wisdom, dressers are not indispensable in every bedroom. Consider the room's function and storage needs before committing to this piece. In guest rooms, for instance, a smaller alternative like a chest of drawers might suffice, offering practicality without compromising style.

In mastering the art of bedroom arrangement, adherence to these fundamental rules lays the groundwork for a space that not only captivates but nurtures.

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