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6 Things to Know About Container Companies

Here's how it works: A contracted company drops an empty container at your residence, you pack it up with furniture and small personal items, then another truck hauls the container to a new destination.

Interested in using a container for your next move? Here are the 6 things you need to know about container companies:

1. Storage is available

Several moving container franchises have their own facilities where you can stash your container until you’re ready to relocate it. Stacking containers is more space efficient for the companies than operating traditional storage garages. This makes it more cost efficient for you!

2. No need to drive a moving truck

You pack it. They move it. Simple. Because a driver picks up your packed container and relocates it, you don’t have to worry about making a 20-point turn in a 16-ft. moving truck 😳.

3. You only pay for what you need

Most companies offer 7, 12, and 16-foot containers.

4. Less legwork is involved

No need to risk rolling your family heirlooms up a wobbly ramp to the back of a rental truck. The containers sit flat on the ground.

5. You can pack at your convenience 

Some companies rent the units by the month, others give you a few days before and after delivery and relocation to pack and unpack. Either way, you have more than just a single day to finish everything.

6. They're available when you're staying put

De-clutter your home for showings without throwing away a thing! The containers are also great options for keeping your things safely out of the way while your home is being shown to potential buyers. Before you book a container, make sure it’s legal to have one parked at both your current and new place. I can help you find out the rules.

Moving rarely goes smoothly, but getting info on how to make it slightly less stressful is always a plus! Feel free to reach out if you have any questions. 

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